Your perception of me is a reflection of you

Personal development

    Achieve personal development by participating in one of the following courses.

    1. Work on work joy

    2. Recognizing and responding to the behavior of others with DISC

      The behaviour of others is the mirror of your own behaviour. Knowing your own behaviour is the basis for successfully recognising and responding to the behaviour of others. This is central to the self-titled training.

    3. Persuasive Presentations

      Umm, well, this was actually my presentation ... A good speaker stops before his audience expects it. You’ll learn this during the Persuasive Presentations training.

    4. Interpersonal effectiveness in team and organization

      Knowing what you do and doing what you know. It's an art. And that art starts with getting to know yourself even better.

    5. Deep Democracy and working with undercurrents in your daily practice

      Do you recognize that decision-making is stuck? Do you have commitments that are not being met? Or do you feel that things are happening within your team or organisation that aren’t coming out in the open?

    6. Entrepreneurial behaviour

      Demonstrating entrepreneurial behaviour means innovating and investing in yourself.

    7. Personal effectiveness in a way that suits you

      Develop yourself your own way.

    8. Transactional Analysis/Functional Fluency

      Would you like to further develop your personal leadership, make more of an impact and optimize your performance? Then take part in the unique, award-winning personal effectiveness program, Transactional Analysis/Functional Fluency.

    9. Communication skills

      Communicate with others in a professional way. You’ll learn how best to do this in the Communication skills training.

    10. Creative and innovative thought and action

      How do you continuously challenge your own viewpoint and how does a broader view of business lead to other solutions and new opportunities? You’ll learn this in Creative thinking and doing training.

    11. Design Thinking

      Increase the creative driving power of the teams you are part of by using the creative strategies you learn during the Design Thinking training.

    12. Asking for, giving and receiving feedback

      With all due respect... What comes after is perhaps respectful, but usually also deadly. The above statement clearly shows how valuable giving the right feedback to others is.

    13. Influencing and persuading

      Did you ever hear yourself saying yes to something and were then surprised that you agreed with it?