Whether you think you can do it or not you are right

Henry Ford

Caspar Verhees

My passion

Building an organizational culture that supports ambitions. That is where my passion lies. It starts with naming the desired behavior that contributes to the realization of department and organizational objectives. The next challenge is to find out why old behavior persists. I find designing interventions together with the customer that actually tackle the cause, which is a very interesting challenge. This with the ultimate goal to create movement in the desired direction in a practical way.

My expertise

I am convinced that you should look at a situation from multiple angles to determine which interventions lead to results. The steps to success are the following.

  • First of all, determine activities and the associated desired behavior that lead to results.
  • Where possible, hire employees who have the capabilities and personality traits to show this behavior naturally.
  • Develop these people in line with the formulated desired behavior. First of all, make sure that the employee has the correct substantive knowledge and knows how to translate this knowledge into his daily practice.
  • Then develop skills to apply the knowledge successfully.
  • Let the employee gain the right experience as part of his development.
  • Where skills are not applied, you look for the bottom of the iceberg. What are limiting beliefs that keep someone from moving? Where possible, reframe these ideas or choose to have this employee perform tasks in which he / she is positive. Get commitment
  • Finally, create a work environment (context) that stimulates the desired behavior.

My style

Practical, strongly focused on tackling causes, enthusiastic, reflective, inspiring and people-oriented.