It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Learning weeks and development days

Fresh into the New Year - start the new year with fresh energy in our Feedback Learning Week 2021. A week full of accessible workshops where you can be inspired from your own workplace and treat yourself to new insights. Because all workshops take place online, registration is just a matter of clicking on a button. The workshops have the characteristic Feedback approach and are therefore all practical, inspiring and easy to apply in your own professional development.

Our trainers will guide you through the different workshops that last 90 minutes. Thanks to our unique working methods, you will experience how much fun it is to learn and develop online. Below you can read more about the workshops, the agenda and how to register.

Feedback Learning Week from March 1st to March 5th 2021 

Give yourself a boost
Treat yourself to new and practical insights. Energise during the Feedback Learning Week. A week full of easily accessible inspiration sessions.

Register for workshops in the Learning Week with the registration form.

The sessions

Our trainers welcome you five minutes before the start of a session. For 1,5 hours you and the other participants will learn and work through unique teaching methods. Experience the fun and impact of online development.

More on the workshops and the agenda below. All workshops will take place online.


You invest an amount of € 95.00 for the entire Learning Week. For this amount you can follow the workshops of your choice without limit.


Register for workshops in the Learning Week with the registration form.