Neal Donald Walsch

Monique Groot

Mijn passion

Connecting with people, motivating and activating them to become the best versions of themselves, that is my passion. I support individuals, teams and organizations in achieving their goals and successes, taking each person’s unique quality into consideration. How can you increase your personal impact and influence while contributing to team and organization ambitions? Which new skills or new behaviors are required? How do you achieve permanent, behavioral change that sticks and impact your results?  I am happy to contribute to realizing these goals.

My expertise

My 20 years’ experience in several commercial roles in multinational companies, in international environment, enables me to relate to team and organizational issues. I have collaborated with many different organizations, in and outside of Europe, enthusiastically embracing cultural differences. This taught me how to maximize results while using effective communication and - behaviors; knowledge and experience that use in my training sessions, workshops and coaching.

My style

My style is enthusiastic, action- and goal oriented, emphatic and connecting; working together with you on reaching desired results.