Maarten van der Horst

My passion

A team which exudes they can take on the world. A team which trusts, challenges and empowers each other. A team which enjoys what it’s doing and dares to think outside the box. I believe any team can achieve this. It is my passion to help teams develop into such a team and enjoy the progress en route!

My expertise

Through my years of experience in education and sports I know you can only perform through personal development and collaboration.

I use my creativity and analytical power to visualize a team’s qualities, so we can set a course together. The power of my coaching is that I believe anyone has qualities which are beneficial for the team and anyone can learn from another, regardless of experience or position. I ensure a better understanding within a team which strengthens it. Setting a course together creates cohesion and commitment within the team.

Finally, I focus on the working environment in which it is important desired behavior is stimulated and rewarded. This makes people happier, more productive and make them want to be a part the team for much longer.

My style

Energetic, creative and challenging. The best way to learn is by moving and doing. I help people find creative solutions by encouraging, inspiring and challenging them to think differently.