Lémoiro Hodge

My Passion

My mother always had the blind conviction that I was to become a psychologist. She found that I always listened to her and others well, that I empathized with people’s emotional state and often I knew just the right words to say. Now that I am older, I realize that she had been quick to notice some of my qualities and in her way immediately acknowledged one of my passions - my interest for the mindset and emotions of people. Things did not come to fruition in the way that she had imagined. Instead of becoming a psychologist, I did find a profession that gives me energy and fulfillment, namely as trainer and coach.

During my training sessions I aim to connect with people, find out what gets them hooked up to the objective. For me, a satisfying session is when the participant(s) feel that they are at least one step closer to achieving their personal goal.
In coaching sessions there is room for more personal focus and so we make a journey together. The coachee can open up at their own pace and together we dive a bit further into someone’s mindset and emotion and really talk about that what matters most.

My Expertise

Being commercial is also a large part of my work background. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree I built-up hands-on experience on several levels and industries such as store management, account management, Customer Contact Centers and so on. While being active in the industries like mobile phones, kitchen appliances and automotive, I also started giving training sessions on sales and products. The training subjects further evolved to customer service, the sales mindset, effective communication and communication in teams.

I use all these experiences to help teams and individuals in finding the best versions of themselves to be as effective as they can be.

Teams for example learn to communicate more openly, how to deal with the workload individually and as a team, how to raise the Net Promotor Score or how to become more decisive as a team. My qualities lie in communication and commerciality.

My Style

People would describe me as being a passionate storyteller with a genuine care for others, a talker, having a critical mindset – I ask a lot of questions -, focused when needed and open to connecting with others. I was raised bilingually so I feel comfortable in both the Dutch and the English language.

Methodologies and tools that I am familiar with are:

  • DISC + Motivations (Certified)
  • NLP (Certified Business Practitioner)
  • Team coaching
  • Functional Fluency
  • and more

I live by the saying: 'Too blessed to be stressed' and I work with a mindset that sums up to: When you say what you do and do as you say, the connection to others will never be far away. 
Let’s connect soon and talk about what really matters.